Gallipolis Christmas Parade

Nothing says the holidays like the Gallipolis Christmas Parade! πŸŽ‰ Join us on Saturday, December 2nd to celebrate the season and enjoy family-friendly floats, performances, and more! πŸŽ† Bring the whole family and come out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. 🀢 Don’t miss out! 🎁
Registration has closed!
Parade Rules
1. Parade line-up numbers & maps will be emailed the week of the Parade.
2. No other Santa than our REAL SANTA who will be at the end of the parade. We don’t want to confuse our younger parade watchers.
3. Horses, Mules, Ponies, etc. units MUST clean up after live animals as they move through the parade route or have animals equipped with manure bags. Bags are preferred.
4. All parade units must perform in a forward motion, no pauses, stops or back steps.
5. All units must be at the parade area designated in your line-up packet at 12:00 pm, line-up will be coordinated by the local Kiwanis Club.
6. Nothing is to be thrown, passed out, given away, or distributed by anyone riding in the parade or on a float. Walkers may hand items to attendees.
7. No excessive use of sirens or airhorns.
8. Any explicit language, banners, posters, or slogans can result in your immediate dismissal from the parade.
9. Breaking of any rules will result ineligibility to enter into future Gallipolis Christmas Parades.

Unit # Unit Name Starting Location
1 City Police
2 Parade Marshall Upper Second Ave
3 VFW Honor Guard Second Ave/Spruce St
4 SG/RV Bands Spruce St
5 RV Cheerleading Spruce St
6 Miss Teen Ohio USA Upper Second Ave
7 American Legion Upper Second Ave
8 Boy Scouts Spruce St
9 Gallia County Sheriff Upper Second Ave
10 Aftershock 4H Spruce St
11 South Gallia Athletics Upper Second Ave
12 Anita Moore Spruce St
13 Farmers Bank Spruce St
14 Gallia-Meigs Arts Spruce St
15 Ashely Delaney Upper Second Ave
16 Fi7thy Painting LLC Upper Second Ave
17 Bossard Library Spruce St
18 Help Me Grow Upper Second Ave
19 Arbors Upper Second Ave
20 Wiseman Real Estate Upper Second Ave
21 Jeff Halley for Recorder Upper Second Ave
22 Gallia A Band Spruce St
23 Gallia Twirling Angels Spruce St
24 David Smith Upper Second Ave
25 Gallia County Girl Scouts Upper Second Ave
26 Artisan & Retro Bros Upper Second Ave
27 Souther A Model A Club Upper Second Ave
28 GIL Royalty Upper Second Ave
29 Little Miss River Rec Upper Second Ave
30 Gallia Co Fair Royalty Upper Second Ave
31 Little Miss Gallia Co. Upper Second Ave
32 Gallia Co Livestock Royalty Upper Second Ave
33 Pure International Pageants Upper Second Ave
34 Addison Church Upper Second Ave
35 Lisa Orsbone-4 Co recorder Upper Second Ave
36 Reach Out On Campus Upper Second Ave
37 GC Stars Spruce St
38 Abbyshire Place Upper Second Ave
39 Pump Up the Fun Upper Second Ave
40 Gallipolis Lions Club Upper Second Ave
41 Peoples Bank Upper Second Ave
42 Evans-Moore Realty Spruce St
43 Holzer Health Systems Upper Second Ave
44 Fred Gardner Upper Second Ave
45 OVB Christmas Express Upper Second Ave
46 Elks Youth Football League Upper Second Ave
47 Big Buck Country 101.5 Upper Second Ave
48 Modrzynski Farms Spruce St
49 RVMS Jr Beta Upper Second Ave
50 River Front Honda & Polaris Upper Second Ave
51 Gallipolis Shrine GDC
52 Southern Ohio Jeep GDC
53 Rio Grande Police GDC
54 Gallia Buccaneers GDC
55 Rosie McGuire GDC
57 Cheshire Baptist Church GDC
58 Gallia County EMS GDC
59 PALS Gallia GDC
60 Show Stoppers 4H Sycamore
61 Gallia Equestrians Sycamore
62 Athens County Jeep Club GDC
63 Stapleton Towing GDC
64 Harrison Twp FD GDC
65 District 2 FD GDC
66 Graham’s Towing GDC
67 Reds Towing GDC
68 High Road Towing GDC
69 Mounts Tree Service Sycamore
70 Gallipolis In Lights Sycamore
71 Gallipolis Fire Dept Sycamore
72 Santa Sycamore

The event is finished.

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