2021 Gallipolis Christmas Parade

December 4th, 2021 – Downtown Gallipolis – 1:00 PM

Deadline to register November 12th

Parade Rules

  1. Parade line-up numbers & maps will be mailed the week of the Parade.
  2. We ask that no one dress-up as Santa as it causes confusion of the end of the parade and for our younger parade watchers.
  3. Horses, Mules, Ponies, etc. units MUST clean up after live animals as they move through the parade route or have animals equipped with manure bags.
  4. All parade units must perform in a forward motion, no pauses, stops or back steps.
  5. All units must be at the parade area designated in your line-up packet at 12:00 pm, line-up will be coordinated by the local Kiwanis Club.
  6. Nothing is to be thrown, passed out, given away, or distributed by anyone riding in the parade or on a float. Walkers may hand items to attendees.
  7. No excessive use of sirens or airhorns.
  8. Any explicit language, banners, posters, or slogans can result in your immediate dismissal from the parade.
  9. In case of bad weather, the parade will be moved to December 11th at 1:00pm. 
  10. Breaking of any rules will result ineligibility to enter into future Gallipolis Christmas Parades.

General Guidance to Reduce Exposure/Illness from COVID-19 

It is entirely voluntary to participate in this year’s Christmas Parade, as is it every year.  Ultimately it is up to each individual and organization to determine one’s tolerance for the risk of spreading/contracting COVID-19.  Having everyone in the group vaccinated against COVID-19 greatly reduces the risk of spread, however, a small number of breakthrough infections are occurring within our communities.

When preparing float/display, especially if indoors, everyone should consider wearing a mask regardless of vaccination status.  COVID-19 is spread more easily when people are in close proximity (<6 feet) and talking, laughing, or breathing heavy as one would anticipate for the social atmosphere of putting a float together.

If one is not feeling well for any reason—STAY HOME.  COVID-19 can express itself in a number of different ways.  Please do not put others at risk.

If one has been exposed to a person with known or suspected COVID-19 within the past 3 days—STAY HOME.  It is possible to spread the virus before one develops any symptoms of illness.  This advice is again for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Day of Parade:

  • If not feeling well—STAY HOME
  • Consider wearing a mask. (Highly recommended but NOT required)
  • Groups should not intermingle while awaiting start of parade.
  • If one is riding in a vehicle with others outside of their household, strongly consider having everyone wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.
  • If walking, especially if safe distance can be maintained from others (6 ft), there is less risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19 and thus going without a mask could be considered.  This likewise goes for those on horseback or on/in single occupancy vehicles.
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