Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gallia County Local School District


4836 State Route 325, Patriot, Ohio 45658

Other information

The Gallia County Local School District is home to a learning community that includes students, their families, their teachers and administrators, and a Board of Education devoted to providing opportunities for the personal growth of each individual.  The school district created from the consolidation of four smaller locals in 1993, is a large land mass district covering over 420 square miles in Gallia and Jackson Counties.  The geography of the district presents challenges, but the board, administration and staff has met those challenges with a determination to provide quality programming for all students.  The Gallia County Local Schools fully embrace the Baldridge in Education quality improvement framework as the right way to do business for their students.  Decisions in the district are based on pertinent data gathered and analyzed by staff.  The district's primary focus is supported by a belief that the best approach is a holistic one that ensures that each student recieves consideration as an individual with personal strengths and needs.  The Gallia County Locals Schools strive to help students become lifelong learners who will have the option of either remaining in the community as a contributing member or moving into the world at large to enrich their adopted communities.


4836 State Route 325, Patriot, Ohio  45658