Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bob Evans Restaurant - Rio Grande


10854 State Route 588
Rio Grande, Ohio 45674


Other information

Bob Evans Farms got its start when our founder, Bob Evans, began making sausage on his southeastern Ohio farm to serve at a 12-stool diner he owned in nearby Gallipolis in 1948.

"We served a lot of breakfasts, but we couldn't get any decent sausage," Bob recalled. "So I decided to start making my own from hogs raised right on our farm, using all the best parts of the hog, including the hams and tenderloins." The restaurant drew many truck drivers who traveled through the region. "You might say the truck drivers did my research for me," Bob said. "They would tell me that this was the best sausage they ever had, and then buy 10-pound tubs to take home."

These good reports prompted Bob Evans to go into the sausage business. The building where he made the sausage was built with open ends, at the suggestion of his father, so it could be used as a machinery shed if the sausage business failed. But, it didn't fail. In 1953, a group of friends and family recognized the growing demand for Bob's sausage and became business partners by establishing Bob Evans Farms.

Entering the Restaurant Business
As the reputation of Bob Evans Sausage grew, Bob Evans invited people to his farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. "There were so many people coming to the farm that we finally built a little restaurant in 1962 just to take care of them. It started out with only a dozen stools -- just a convenience place," Bob recalled.

The Sausage Shop
The original Bob Evans Restaurant on the farm was called The Sausage Shop. Although it started with 12 stools, today the restaurant can seat 134.

Farm Heritage Lives On
The farm has evolved into a tourist attraction with camping and hiking and events throughout the year. The largest event is our Bob Evans Farm Festival, being held the second full weekend, Friday through Sunday, in October.

Our Family Tree
In 1987, Bob Evans Farms added to the family through the acquisition of Owens Foods, then Owens Country Sausage, based Texas and again in 2004 with the acquisition of Mimi's Café, based in California.

10854 State Route 588, Rio Grande, Ohio  45674