Thursday, June 29, 2017

Common Grounds


53 Main Street

740- 645-8637

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Common Grounds originated through the restoration of a piece of Americana to its vintage days.

The Guest House, a restored 1882 church, 5 cottages and a Cafe, line the front of Common Grounds.  Enclosed within its white fencing, it stands ready toserve you in life's celebrations, with its 120' x 40' tent space, a children's play area, a pavilion and a beautiful sunken rose garden.

You may reserve the entire Common Grounds Facility for festivals, antique fairs, reunions and weddings or fashion your own week long catered retreat.  If you desire events on a smaller scale, such as private gatherings for spiritual growth, personal space for writing or dinners and luncheons, we stand ready to provide you with just the right place.  Visit our website for rates.

53 Main Street, Vinton, Ohio  45686

(740) 645-8637